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go raiders

31 Mar

go raiders.Vain,naw . .. but you proved my Point,In which your too Dense to See it went Over Your head – ~ Lol!!!



go raiders

30 Mar

Attention real raider you ever wonder why we have so many negative comments in our blvs from people about the raiders? 

Well let me clear it up for the raiderhaternation.i really feel sorry for them cause there probably Patriot S’s fans or Seattle. but the problem is they really wanna be apart of something big like the nation is.they just dont understand why its a nation in 50 states and its only 4 of their team be a raider fan (talking to the haters) u gotta have swagg and style.and I know its hard when you got an ugly team with ugly colors. sorry to say we wont accept u but im sure the team u do have need as many fans as possible. …STAY OFF THE NATION RADAR BEFORE U BECOME A TARGET..